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On November 3rd, America made a choice by electing the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the first Female and first woman of color Vice President, Kamala Harris. The United States made a choice they no longer want uncertainty in the Oval Office. That we want a leader who will do just that. Lead. Donald Trump proved nothing more than to be unqualified for office. Besides being unethical, divisive, and dragging the United States 10-20 years in the past.


Where do we go from here

Although Donald Trump will no longer be President, his legacy still stains the fabric of our country. President-Elect Biden will have major issues to deal with. From the COVID-19 pandemic, to saving us from the brink of economic collapse with mortgages and evictions looming, to the 2nd Stimulus check being sent out at a fraction of what was intended by Congress, blocked in the Senate by Mitch McConnell, ignoring the voice of the people for his own political gain, President Elect Biden will face unprecedented hurdles. As the American people, we can do our part in making sure our voices are heard. Democrats must take control of the Senate for progress to be made. We can no longer sit in the shadows waiting for opportunity to come.



Looking to 2022

Donald Trump took the Republican party by storm and several Republican leaders followed suit, leaving a stain of polarization on the country. His legacy will remain by having the most vocal Pro-Trump Republicans still in office. Our mission will be to bring information to the public so that we can educate voters and make sure we vote out anyone who publicly stood with Trump.


Races that matter most

Often the most crucial races are in crucial states and indirectly impact National Politics. Florida is the most important state of 2022. With Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican Senator Marco Rubio both up for re-election, “hard red” Florida is in desperate need of a shake up. We must do everything we can to remove these two from office, and make sure Democrats win up and down the ballot on November 8th, 2022.


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